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Sponsor Information
Nouri Data Systems
3707 East Tremont Ave.
Bronx, NY 10465
(347) 838-5708

What we Do

Nouri Data System's professional Web design and Web development services will set your business apart from the competition. We will work with you to establish the exact look, functionality and performance your company desires.

Our Process

Planning never hurts...

Each project starts out with an interview to gather information and help identify the client goals. A proposal will be generated and given to the client for review. If the client approves of the proposal, additional interviews and an analysis of the marketplace will be made in an effort to fine tune the proposal to fit the exact needs of the client. Throughout the entire process, Nouri Data Systems will maintain constant communication with the client. For a Free consultation contact us today.


Research... Research... Research...

This is a recommended step for all Web site designs. The analysis process is a discovery process which helps determine the primary reason you want or need a website. This phase will also help identify alternate roles that the website can play. For example, you may want a website to sell a specific product to anyone on the internet, but you can also use the website to post answers to frequently asked questions, or collect sales leads for this product or future products. It will also help you discover what your competition is doing online You do not want your competition to have marketing advantage over you, especially during these tough economic times. We can determine if your website can be integrated into your existing business model or with the systems you use internally. How integrated do you want the website to be with your company systems? Having the answers to these questions will help when putting together a strategic plan, which determines, among other things, the timetable for completion of each phase of the project. At the completion of the analysis phase of your project, we will have a clear picture of the functionality you need, the functionality you want, and the type and amount of web marketing that you will need.

Strategic Planning

How do you position yourself...

During this phase, you decide what your audience (web site user) will be, how you will attract them and keep them engaged and the level of functionality you want to include in the website. The Strategic Planning phase usually addressed how you want to position your company, which may include branding, the mood the website inspires in its users, the type and level of marketing and anything else that needs to be addressed prior to the design Phase.